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These pages contain a brief description of what we get up to and where we meet, it allows you to download the current programme of events and provides a facility to make further enquiries via email. It also tells you how much all of this costs - the cost is kept to a minimum commensurate with providing a high quality programme, often with world-class musicians and speakers and the circle takes no profit from any of its activities.

Who are we?

The Russian Circle is a very varied group of people with a common interest in Russia, its people and/or its culture.  We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with academics, professionals, self-employed, working men and women and retired all mixing happily in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  We boast a good mix of nationalities, with not just British and Russians but people from Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, The Ukraine, Hungary, Armenia and more.

What do we do?

Events are held monthly from January to May and there is a Summer Party normally held in early June, although this year we have two events in March.  Events run again from September to late November.  These generally take one of two forms:

All talks and concerts are followed by an informal supper and chance to socialise and chat to speakers, musicians and, of course, each other.  All coming to the supper are asked to bring something to eat and drink, with sandwiches, salads, quiches, hors d'œuvres and bottles of wines being very popular.

If this sound like it might be of interest, you'd like more information or you just want to ask a question, use the 'Send us an email' button under the menu area and download a programme from the 'Current Programme' menu option.