Current programme

The programme is subject to change, occasionally at very short notice, although every attempt is made to keep this listing up-to-date.  Where an event has to be postponed, the venue changed or topic/speaker substituted, we will inform everybody on our email list as soon as is practical.

For security reasons, as of April 2018, to come to our talks, you must be on our email list or be accompanied by somebody on our list if the talk is in Winchester college.  If you wish to be added to the email list, please make a request using the 'Send us an email' menu button (right).  If this is not working for any reason, please call 07739 517571 or send a text message with your email address at least 90 minutes prior to the event.  This restriction does not apply to concerts in the college's Music School.  Thank you.

25th January Dr Andrew Monaghan

Andrew will give a talk entitled “Dealing with the Russians”.  Euro-Atlantic thinking about Russia remains stuck in twentieth-century rhetoric, trapped by misleading abstract labels and unsure whether to engage Moscow in dialogue or enhance deterrence and collective defence.  Instead of thinking in these terms, leading Russia expert Andrew Monaghan argues that we must devise a new grand strategy for dealing with the Russians.

The venue is the St Lawrence Parish Office, 16½ Colebrook Street, SO23 9LH and the talk starts at 7.00pm.  Supper is at the home of Carole and Ian Simpson, just up the road at No. 9.
7th March Rupert Wieloch

Rupert, a local author, will talk about his recent book: ‘Churchill's Abandoned Prisoners: The British Soldiers Deceived in the Russian Civil War’.  The Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War from 1918-1920 forms the backdrop to this extraordinary story of the fate of 15 British soldiers abandoned in Bolshevik Russia.

Venue: The Science Lecture Theatre of Winchester College at 24 Kingsgate Road, SO23, starting at 7.00pm.  Supper venue: Dilys Hall and Geoff Smith, 10 St James’ Terrace, SO22 4PP
25th April Oxana Cleminson

Oxana, our former Chairwoman whom many of us know well, will speak on ‘Russian Collectors of French Art’.

Venue: St Lawrence Parish Office, Colebrook Street, SO23 9LH, starting at 7.00pm.   Supper to be with Kitty and Stephen Todd, 10 Christchurch Road, SO23 9SR
23rd May
Mikhail Lezdkan (cello) Béla Hartmann (piano)

To be held in the United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester SO23 8RZ, starting at 7.00pm.  A full printed programme will be available approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the concert.

Supper will be with with Andree and Michael Campbell, 'Amathusia', Park Road, SO22 6AA.
27th June Summer Party With Alsu and Jonathan, 24 Christchurch Road, SO23 9SS.  All welcome!


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